1967 Israeli Attack on USS Liberty

One of my Facebook friends, Michael, writes:

I saw this letter from a survivor of the USS Liberty lambasting a lying rat on the wall of new friend CAT FABER. This is a subject matter that drives me absolutely nuts.

About 6 months ago I wrote a piece about major turning points in History. Off the top of my head – Lincoln’s assassination, the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, JFK’s assassination & the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 where 34 US soldiers were murdered! A few were surprised I included this event – a major turning point in history? Well I felt so because the US government COVERED IT UP! Here after all was an unprovoked attack by an ally. Had Americans been told the truth the US would certainly have retaliated against Israel…… but they didn’t! This meant in 1967 the Zionist influence on US politicians & the media too was unprecedented.

The letter –
I take great offense at your ridiculous and laughable explanation of the attack on our good ship USS Liberty; you absolutely know nothing of the facts surrounding the murderous attack on my shipmates, June 8, 1967. 34 were murdered, and 174 others were seriously wounded, some wounded so badly, it was almost impossible to look at them. You should have entitled your piece, “The Truth That Won’t Die, The truth is a very hard thing to cover up–and you did a very poor job of it, believe me! The ramblings you write are just simply unbelievable!

Let me walk you down Memory Lane! Our ship was positively identified by the state of Israel many, many hours before they decided to murder their only friends in the world. Our ship was in International waters, doing exactly what our government had ordered us to do!

Our American flag was flying as always, the Israeli recon aircraft identified our ship positively as USS Liberty—American, and friendly–absolutely no mistake–in our identity. This has been proven not just by the crew of the USS Liberty, but by the Israelis themselves, admitting they knew we were an American ship, and attacked us anyway. The Liberty had 850 cannon and rocket holes, with 5000 armor piercing bullets over the entire ship! Napalm was dropped on our ship to burn us completely!

This act of war began with unmarked Israeli jet aircraft, as to hide the identity of our attackers, and later was joined by three Israeli torpedo boats strafing our ship, shooting at our firefighters, and stretcher bearers, using us as pop-up targets! The torpedo boats fired a total of five torpedoes at us, one of them hitting the starboard side of our ship, instantly blowing to bits 25 of my shipmates! Our only three remaining life rafts we put over the side; the murderers would have none of that. They blew two of our life rafts out of the water and took one aboard their boat as a trophy to the murders of Americans on the high seas! Despicable and unthinkable war crimes were put upon the crew of the USS Liberty!
This 45 year plus cover-up by the Zionist state of Israel will never go away; the survivors will see to that! That is no threat–that is a promise! We will never forget or forgive.

There is no statute of limitations on murder, the ”Nuremberg” trials have proven that no one can get by with cold-blooded murder, not even the Zionist state of Israel!

Mr. Werdine, if you feel so positive about what you have written, I invite you on my radio show, “Your Voice Counts”, to discuss the facts of your article! In my view and many others views, your article is nothing but slander, and lies–not even half-truths!
You’re a real piece of work! Thank you very much for keeping the USS Liberty story alive and well with your fantasy article. Looking forward to having you on my radio show as soon as possible!


Phillip F Tourney,
Three-time USS LIBERTY Veterans President.
Combat Wounded American Veteran.
Author “WHAT I SAW THAT DAY” Israel’s June 8, 1967 Holocaust of U.S. Servicemen Aboard the USS Liberty And It’s Aftermath.


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